As your domain and hosting Provider, we only want nothing but the best service experience we could provide. This is why we are introducing this extra special service that will give you peace of mind and security.

This offer includes:

  • Remotely accessing your work pc to fix problems that may occur (happens mostly when a virus attacks your pc and infected the files in your hosting server or emails). Your IT Master strongly recommends our clients to have an active subscription for an antivirus software on their work PC.
    • Example scenario: Unable to send/receive emails due to locked account
      • Locked account may happen if:
        • Trying to send email to a non existing email numerous time – your email account may be locked for an hour till it gets active again.
        • Received email and tried to access suspicious attachment file – your email account may be blocked or suspended and you will need to contact us to remove the suspension. We can remove the block but without having your infected PC fixed, you account will be suspended again.
        • Scam and Phishing activity happened/occurred – you must notify us to remove the lock or account suspension. You must perform an audit to your files in the server including your emails otherwise it will lead to re suspension and may eventually lead to termination of the web hosting service.

Question: Why will you block/suspend my account?
Answer: Safety of your account is our main priority. As your hosting provider, we have lots of security measures that will stop scammers and hackers to get access on your account.

  • Monthly check up of files on your server – ensuring that files on the server are clean, secured and safe from scammers

Below are the type of subscription we can offer for you that will best suit your budget.

Subscription TypeSubscription Fee 
Monthly Subscription$120.00 
6 – month  Subscription$490.00 (Save $230) 
12 – month Subscription$890.00 (Save $550) 

Please NOTE:

  • This service is required from the client to be paid full in advance, otherwise per hour rate of $80 will incur if we need to do the maintenance service.
  • Service charge mentioned above does not include a.) on the site service and; b.) additional software or hardware recommendation to be supplied if necessary eg., Antivirus Software.